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6280/2.5 air chamber

movable type that can transfer the operation site in the non-operation state and non-movable type that the operation site is always fixed.


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motors are mostly used to drive various agricultural machinery for fixed operations or indoor operations, such as agricultural products processing machinery and pumps, as well as various operating machinery in greenhouses, warehouses, and livestock houses. In areas with water or wind resources, using wind turbines and water turbines to drive various fixed operating machinery can save petroleum fuel, and wind turbines equipped with water lifting devices can provide water for humans and animals in grassland pastoral areas. Small generator sets composed of internal combustion engines, wind turbines or water turbines and generators are used to provide electricity for agricultural production and rural life in remote areas. Solar energy and biogas generated from rural waste materials can also provide electricity through solar power generation devices, biogas generator sets, biogas-diesel dual-fuel generator sets, etc.

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