Working principle of spray assembly


spray assembly is a common liquid injection equipment, which is widely used in many fields, such as agriculture, automobiles, medical treatment, etc. Understanding the working principle of the spray assembly is essential for the correct use and maintenance of the equipment. This article will detail the working principle of the spray assembly and its related technologies.

The basic principle of the spray assembly

The working principle of the spray assembly can be simply described as: the liquid is converted into fine droplets by pressure, and then sprayed to the target surface. This process depends on the main components of the spray assembly, including the liquid supply system, the pressure generation system and the injection system. The

liquid supply system is the part that feeds the liquid into the spray assembly. Typically, the liquid will be piped or pumped to a liquid reservoir in the spray assembly. Under the action of the liquid reservoir, the liquid is maintained at a relatively stable pressure, and as the spraying operation proceeds, the liquid will gradually be sprayed out.

The pressure generating system mainly converts the liquid into fine droplets required for ejection by pressurization. In the spray assembly, the liquid supply system will feed the liquid into one or more nozzles, and then through the action of the pressure generation system, the liquid in the nozzle is pressurized to form a high-speed flow of liquid. During the flow process, due to the interaction force between the liquid molecules, the liquid will gradually break down into small droplets. The

spray system is a part that sprays the pressurized liquid to the target surface. The nozzle is the core component of the spray system. It can spray the liquid into the required shape and size through its unique design and structure. At the same time, the nozzle can also adjust the flow rate and spray speed of the liquid to meet different application requirements. The spray system can also control the spray droplets by controlling the spray direction and angle of the nozzle.

Spray assembly