The working principle of various types of diverters equipped with diaphragm pumps


Diaphragm pumps and agricultural sprayers are common equipment in agricultural production, used to transport and spray pesticides, fertilizers, etc. In order to achieve spraying and control, it is often necessary to be equipped with a diverter. A diverter is a device used to divert fluid. The fluid can be divided into multiple channels as needed and enter different pipelines or systems.

1. Hydraulic diverter

Hydraulic diverter is a device that controls the diversion by the pressure of liquid. The hydraulic diverter used on diaphragm pumps usually consists of two hydraulic valves, which control the opening and closing of the two outlets respectively. When the pressure sensor detects a certain pressure, the hydraulic valve will automatically open or close, so that the fluid enters or flows to different channels.

2. Mechanical shunt

Mechanical shunt is a device that controls the shunt through a mechanical device. Mechanical flow diverters used on diaphragm pumps typically consist of multiple rotary valves and channels. Through the opening and closing of the rotary valve, the entry and flow direction of the fluid can be controlled. The mechanical shunt usually has an adjustable rotation speed and split ratio, which can be adjusted as needed.