The role of various types of water inlet and outlet filters used on agricultural sprayers


Diaphragm pumps and agricultural sprayers, as commonly used equipment in agricultural production, have played an important role. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and extend the service life, we need to be equipped with different types of water inlet and outlet filters. This article will introduce some common water filter models and their characteristics.

First, let's understand the working principle of diaphragm pumps and agricultural sprayers. A diaphragm pump is a pump that uses a diaphragm as a working element and is driven by a motor to deliver liquid. Agricultural sprayer uses pressure to spray liquid into mist or rain, so as to achieve the purpose of fertilization and pest control of crops.

In and out of the water filter in the diaphragm pump and agricultural sprayer plays a role in filtering liquid and preventing particles from entering the inside of the equipment. Below, we will introduce several common models.

1. Pipeline filter: This filter is installed on the inlet pipe and usually consists of a filter housing and a filter element. The filter element may be a mesh filter, a filter element, or the like. Pipeline filters are suitable for handling large flow of liquids and are easy to maintain and replace filter elements.

2. Mesh filter: Mesh filter is a simple and easy-to-use filter, usually composed of metal mesh or plastic mesh. It can effectively filter out large particles of impurities in the liquid and is suitable for treating liquids with relatively clear water quality. However, due to the large pore size of the filter screen, the effect of fine filtration is poor.

3. Magnetic filter: The magnetic filter uses magnetic force to adsorb the ferromagnetic impurities in the liquid inside the filter, so as to achieve the purpose of filtering. The magnetic filter is suitable for handling liquids containing ferromagnetic impurities, and has the characteristics of good filtering effect and convenient maintenance.

4. Precision filter: The filter adopts microporous filtration technology, which can effectively filter out tiny particles and suspended substances in the liquid. It is suitable for occasions with high requirements for liquid purity, such as medicine, food and other industries.

5. Self-cleaning filter: The self-cleaning filter is an automatic cleaning filter. The impurities on the filter net are removed through the internal cleaning device, thereby maintaining the filtering capacity of the filter. Self-cleaning filters are suitable for handling large quantities of liquids containing particulate impurities.

Above are several common water inlet and outlet filter models. When diaphragm pumps and agricultural sprayers are equipped with filters, you can choose the appropriate model according to actual use needs. When choosing a filter, you need to consider factors such as the flow rate of the liquid, the size of the particles, and the convenience of cleaning and maintenance.

In short, the normal operation of diaphragm pumps and agricultural sprayers is inseparable from the equipment of water inlet and outlet filters. Choosing the right filter can improve the efficiency of the equipment, extend the service life, and ensure the smooth progress of agricultural production. I hope this article is helpful for you to understand the water filter.